A Group Program for Beginning and Intermediate Writers Destined to Create Books and Tell Stories

 Every day, writers of all levels — from dreamers who have just begun to put words on the page for the first time to seasoned authors who have published many times — create space in their lives to sequester with pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and get one step closer to finishing their books.


So, tell me…


Are you?

Now’s the time for you to overcome those inner doubts and questions, to take intentional action to create the space in your life for a writing practice, to honor that creative impulse that has tried, time and again, to get your undivided attention.


We all have valid reasons for not moving forward, reasons why we “can’t” write a book.

But as Hillel the Elder once said,

“If not now, when…?

If you can silence your doubts for a moment, sit quietly, and truthfully answer that question…

If you’re ready to honor your creative impulse to share the meaningful story, the brilliant idea that lives inside you…

If you’re ready to shed the burden of all those reasons why now is not the time…

If you’re ready to become part of a carefully curated group of writers who, like you, have stories and ideas to share, books to write…

If you’re ready to treat writing your book as the act of self-love that it is…


Read on.


We’re living in an unprecedented time, a time full of questions.

What’s next?
Where is this path taking us?






 The truth is, no one knows.

The beauty of that answer is that it’s always been the answer.

It’s easy to take for granted the illusion that we know what’s next, that we have it all figured out.

But we don’t. And we never have.

Even more reason to write a book NOW.


Writing your book will not only keep you grounded, clear your thoughts, and improve your health on all levels. It will also provide hope and inspiration to others.


The world needs this now more than ever.

 I’ve been helping people get words on the page for decades.

As a college professor, I have helped thousands of students overcome their fears and resistance to writing.

As a private teacher and mentor, I have helped clients do the same by…

  • showing them how to break down their big idea into manageable pieces 
  • providing them with cornerstones and guideposts necessary for successful book creation 
  • helping them overcome mindset issues that stand in their way 
  • utilizing my one-of-a-kind Writing Through the Body™ method to help them know their PEOPLE——protagonists, antagonists, and supporting characters (for fiction and memoir), as well as their Ideal Readers (for non-fiction, self-help books) so they can create deeply considered, human-like characters that illuminate, on the page, what it means to be human 
  • providing guided meditations and provocative prompts to help clear their minds so they can write through their bodies — their subconscious 
  • teaching them about writing elements, craft, and devices
  • …and much more…


“Johnnie Mazzocco is very skilled and highly intuitive teacher and guide. She is committed to creating a safe space in which the creative voice is valued and celebrated. She is a talented writer and teacher who understands that creative expression is a doorway to healing and wholeness. She has helped me define and make peace with my inner critic.”

M.G. – Oklahoma City, OK

“Johnnie takes a complex topic, writing, which can be a solitary experience wherein the writer gets too analytical, and she makes it more intuitive, creative and, dare I say, spiritual.”

Jessica C. – Eugene, OR

 What I’ve learned in all my years of working to help people get their words on the page is…

They need practical skills to make a daunting task less complicated.

They need compassionate, honest support.

They need a plan.

If you have reasons to NOT write your book, I have solutions.

You have an idea, but you don’t know where to begin.

Learn the cornerstones needed for all books, and identify which ones you’ll need for yours.

You have a full life, and your time is limited.

Learn how to create time and space to write your book while still honoring all the responsibilities and “non-negotiables” in your life.

You don’t trust your ability to stay on track.

Learn new skills and how to use your best qualities to honor your writing intentions.

Be lifted up by the other STARs in this well-intentioned, well-organized, carefully curated program that flourishes on mutual support, respect, and professionalism.

You don’t believe you have the “right” to write a book.

Learn to recognize the value of your unique stories, ideas, and voice, and embrace their place in the world. 

You have concerns about what your family and friends will say and think.

Learn how common this fear is, how to focus on the here and now — your draft — and transform your fear of the future. Be inspired to rise to your greatness, take responsibility for your voice in the world, and address or disregard the comments and objections of others.

You feel powerless to inner and outer obstacles.

Learn new skills to identify the reasons for your obstacles and where emotional blocks reside in your physical body. Gain awareness and master tools to transform them and better your life in the process.

You feel isolated and alone with your vision.

Revel in the nurturance and support of a group of like-minded STARs who share your experience. Receive encouragement, enjoy camaraderie, find your people.

You’re sensitive about sharing your work and receiving feedback.

You don’t feel comfortable or qualified giving feedback on other writers’ work.


Learn how to identify the kind of feedback you need, and how to ask for it, on your terms.

Learn how to give valuable and compassionate feedback to your peers.

You don’t view yourself as a writer.

Learn how to create, nurture, and maintain a thriving writing practice. Learn deep character development and the specifics of writing craft and other tricks of the trade.

One of the best ways to feel like a writer is to write and produce work.

You wonder if the world really needs one more book. You wonder if yours will matter in the sea of books that already exist.

Learn how to share your unique stories, ideas, and voice without apology and add to the symphony of voices in the universe.

There can never be too many STARS in the sky.

You love your idea so much, you know it’s so good, you’re concerned someone might steal it.

Learn how to banish this and other scarcity mindset issues around writing.

Take part in a group commitment exercise to set the stage for support, honesty, and integrity.

Are you a STAR?

There is no doubt it takes a certain kind of person to write a book. 
It’s a journey, and it requires commitment, self-love, and courage.
It’s easy to believe we don’t have what it takes. 

If you possess the qualities of a STAR, you’re ready to join Written in the Stars and start your book.


Here’s how the program will open the portal to the creation of your novel, memoir, or non-fiction self-help book.

Create a Foundation for Your Writing Practice





Establishing Your Practice

Create a Foundation for Your Book

Character Development

Writing Elements and Craft

Structure and Organization



How Written in the Stars applies to your genre, specifically…

Deep character development is at the heart of Written in the Stars. 

Without your characters — YOUR PEOPLE — there would be no story.
There would be no book.

Deep character development — crafting deeply considered, human-like characters is essential for writing books that touch people’s hearts and change their lives. 

That makes sense for fiction, but what about memoir or non-fiction?


  • If you’re writing a novel, your people are your protagonist, antagonist, and supporting characters who make up your story world. Written in the Stars will help you create deeply considered, human-like characters.
  • Your protagonist’s deepest desire is what will drive your storyline. Written in the Stars will help you discern that desire and shape your story around it.
  • Gain skills in writing craft so you can create a rich, believable, resonant story world that engages, entrances, and moves your readers.
  • Get clear about your opening scene and inciting incident, the event that spins your protagonist’s world on its axis and sets her off in a whole new direction. 
  • Connect the dots along your plot line, and start creating…



  • As with fiction, your memoir also has a protagonist, antagonist, and supporting characters — you, your family, your friends, and all the other people who have been part of your life story. It’s reasonable to think we already know ourselves and our people well. Developing those people on the page is a whole other endeavor. Written in the Stars will help you do that.
  • Clarify the thematic essence of the story of your life, and shape your story around it, as it unfolds on the page.
  • By delving into the elements of writing craft, you’ll learn ways to depict the rich nuances of your life — your settings and descriptions — to place your reader directly into your lived experience.
  • Determine your story arc, and start writing…

Non-Fiction Self-Help 


  • What? Characters in a nonfiction self-help book? Yes! The person — or character — you need to know best is your Ideal Reader. This is the person who’s mind, heart, and soul you will touch and transform with your method, program, or process. This is the person you’ll be writing to directly. 
  • Crystalize your understanding of your Ideal Reader’s BIG question and her WHY, and begin to craft a clear path for her in your book from beginning to end.
  • Distill YOUR ANSWER to your Ideal Reader’s BIG question, and use it to build your Table of Contents, the map for the layout of your book.
  • Align your personal story with your Table of Contents and create the structure of your book.
  • Determine your chapter structure and start putting words on the page…

Written in the Stars is organized in three separate constellations each year,
all in accordance with Mercury Retrograde.


Constellation #1 = 1/17 – 3/20
Constellation #2 = 5/15 – 7/17
Constellation #3 = 9/18 – 11/13

Register for one or register for them all,
based on your needs and your budget.

No 6-month or 1-year commitment.

Here’s what you get.

  • Weekly 2-hour virtual call — includes time for Q & A about your project.
  • Recording of each weekly call.
  • Private Slack community channel — so you can stay in touch with your fellow STARs to share your work to give/receive feedback.

And Gifts and Bonuses…

Two extra calls – TBA

Writing Through the Body™ Writer’s Block Workshop

Writing Through the Body™ Writer’s Block Handbook

Distilled Novel/Story Timeline Template 

Parts of Your Book Checklist

Extensive Writing Terms Glossary

What’s the investment?

10 weeks of your time and one of the following payment options (per constellation)


1-Payment Options

Quarter moon (early) payment of $1100
July 1 – July 31

Half moon (regular) payment of $1350
August 1 – August 31

Full moon (late) payment of $1475
September 1 – September 12


4-Payment Option

4 payments of $350

1 non-refundable $350 deposit to hold your spot
(by September 1)

3 remaining payments of $350, monthly
October / November / December 

Still have questions?

How do I know if Written in the Stars is right for me?

Because we don’t offer refunds, and because we want this to be a stellar experience for everyone, we want to be sure you and the program are a good fit for each other.

Here are some recommendations to help ensure that’s the case


Will I get feedback on my work?

Once in the program, you’ll be welcome to post your work in the private Slack channel for feedback from your fellow STARs. Johnnie will provide guidelines for both requesting and offering feedback with the intention of maintaining a safe and respectful space for everyone.

By the time you get to the point of wanting/needing feedback, you’ll have gotten to know your fellow STARs, so you’ll know who you’re sharing your work with.

Johnnie will be available for a designated amount of time at the end of the teaching portion of the group every week to give feedback on questions.

Is this program suitable for me if I’ve already started my book?

Yes, it is! Writing a book is a constant process of moving forward, moving backward, reconsidering, rewriting, revising… As epiphanies present themselves, we’re provided opportunities to deepen the story and the work.

If you’ve already started your book and your path is becoming unclear, if you’re not sure why your characters are behaving as they are, if you want to explore a new way to go deeper in your character development, if you want to revisit some of the elements of writing craft, or if you want to enjoy the camaraderie of a group of dedicated book creators, this program is for you.

Applications open for the first 2024 Written in the Stars 
open October 2023.