Written in the Stars Terms of Service


By checking the Terms of Agreement box in the Moon Clerk payment platform, I agree to the following:


      • I have had the opportunity to ask questions about the program and am ready to move forward, join the group, and write my book.
      • I understand that I am agreeing to join a specified 10-week constellation that will consist of the following:
        • a weekly 2-hour virtual call during which I will receive instruction on writing,
        • portions of Johnnie Mazzocco, LLC’s Conjuring Clarity and Writing Through the Body™ courses,
        • other pertinent content necessary for the writing of a book,
        • bonuses, as specified at the time of registration
      • I understand that I will have access to a private, constellation-specific Slack channel wherein I may request, receive, and provide feedback on my and my group members’ writing for life or as long as the program is offered.
      • I understand that I may request additional services for an additional fee from Johnnie Mazzocco, LLC for feedback on my work from Johnnie.
      • I understand that, if I chose a payment plan, my deposit is non-refundable and that subsequent payments will be automatically drawn from my account one month from the date of my first payment and will occur monthly until paid in full.
      • I understand that all sales are final, and no refunds will be given after the program has started. “Program start” is indicated by the acceptance of these terms and my receipt of program materials, even if/when I receive said materials prior to the first official program meeting for the constellation for which I have registered.
      • I understand that I may change my mind within 24 hours of accepting these terms of agreement and must notify Johnnie Mazzocco, LLC in writing at hello@johnniemazzocco.com within that 24-hour period. I further understand that my deposit is not refundable.
      • I understand that, if I paid the full program price (including any special-offer discounts), I will receive a refund for the amount I paid minus the $325 or $400 deposit amount (dependent on the payment plan offered at the time of my registration).
      • I understand that if I need to drop out of the 10-week constellation for which I have registered, automatic payments will continue to be taken from my account until paid in full.
      • I understand that any funds I have paid for one constellation cannot be transferred or folded into any subsequent constellations, nor can they be transferred to another person or party.
      • I understand that embarking on the journey to write a book may have an emotional impact on me and my life. I further understand that while everyone at Johnnie Mazzocco, LLC—including Johnnie Mazzocco and her support staff—is sympathetic and empathetic to these emotional experiences and make every effort to create and maintain a welcoming and nurturing environment, they are not legally or morally responsible for them, nor are they professionally trained to help me process them.