Thank you for your interest in Rhythm on the Rails | Vancouver!


I’m excited about what we can accomplish together, and I can’t WAIT to give you an experience you won’t soon forget.

Before choosing your payment method below, please be sure to read the important notes and the cancellation/refund policy.


  • A valid passport will be required for all writers who go on this retreat. (If you don’t have a valid passport in your possession, you will not be allowed to cross the Canadian boarder.)
  • Your signature will be required on several legal forms before the day of the retreat. (If you have not submitted your signed forms to Johnnie before the day of the trip, you will not be allowed to board the train. Showing up at the train station at the last minute with signed pages in hand is not okay. Please take care of this business well before the day of the trip.)
  • The cancellation policy and dates listed below are firm, regardless of your reason for cancellation. Of course, I hope you won’t cancel because I’d LOVE to have you on the retreat, but sometimes things happen. (Consider getting trip cancellation insurance if you think there’s a possibility you might need to cancel.)
  • The exception to the cancellation policy is train fare. Because we’ll be traveling in business class, those tickets are refundable from Amtrak. Should you cancel, your train fair will be refunded within two weeks of the trip. All other costs included in the price for the retreat are not refundable.
  • The hotel has its own cancellation policies, so be sure you know what they are when you make your reservation.
  • This is a scent-free event. Out of respect for those with sensitivities to scents and fragrances, please refrain from wearing or bringing scented shampoos, conditioners, oils, lotions, deoderents, hairsprays, etc. We’ll be in close quarters with each other for four days, and I want everyone to be as comfortable as possible. Thank you for being considerate. 


I can’t wait to see you on the train!



Full refund if requested by 11:59pm on July 31
Full train refund and half refund of remainder by 11:59pm on August 15
Full train refund and no refunds of remainder after 11:59pm on August 15

Please send your request for cancellation to


Please be aware of the hotel’s cancellation policies when you make your reservation.

For help, please contact them at
Mention Johnnie’s name and that we have a 15% membership discount.