Join Laura Rowe and Johnnie Mazzocco
for a thoughtful, soulful, intensive 4-hour workshop for empaths
who want to reclaim connection to their creative spirit.


Sunday, November 12
3:30pm – 7:30pm
Soma Space — 4050 NE Broadway, Portland



Feel like Spirit — however that shows up for you in your life — has gone quiet?

Like your intuition is out of reach,
the universe isn’t responding to your questions,
the magic you once felt has dissipated?


Or maybe you’re not sure you ever had it…


If this is you… if you’re an empath — a sensitive soul who can’t quite locate the wisdom within your sentient soul-mind — yet you know you have much to say, feel, and connect with… Much to make meaning of and share with the world…

The Exquisite {Excruciating} Silence workshop is for you.

In this workshop, you’ll:


Quiet the noise inside you, move it aside
Locate your resplendent voice and inner wisdom
Locate a sense of comfort, knowing you can move through the silence

You’ll leave with a deeper appreciation of the quiet when it sweeps in,
have tools to find your voice again,
and use it to deepen your partnership with your intuition.

Through meditations and writing exercises, we’ll walk you through a creative process
to reconnect with your deepest truth so you can hear, feel, and know
where you’re going and where you want to go.


Laura Rowe
Empath Mentor
Intuitive Healer
Spiritual Seeker

Johnnie Mazzocco
Word Witch
Intuitive Book Content Developer