Everything You Need To Know, Believe, and Do To Start Your Novel

This is a special-invitation version of the Conjuring Clarity course,

which I have recently reinvisioned and reconstructed to shift the focus solely to novel writing.

Yearning to write that novel
that’s been resting on your heart for way too long?

My four-week course,

Conjuring Clarity: Everything You Need to Know, Believe, and Do to Start Your Novel,

will set you on your path to making magic on the page, moving you from uncertainty and apprehension to clarity and confidence, so you can find your authentic voice and experience the soul alchemy of honoring your impulse to write.

A true expression of self-love.


In this course, you will learn to:

  • create the space in your life to welcome in a consistent writing practice
  • develop and embrace your writer’s mindset
  • quiet the voices of doubt in your mind and claim the courage to commit
  • conceptualize and create a framework for your first three chapters
  • craft the two most important scenes so you can get started and continue the magic
Module 1 - Planning + Scheduling

In this module, you will

identify your support systems + structure your days and habits
determine your best methods for scheduling + create your writing calendar

Module 2 - Mindset + Commitment

In this module, you will

learn to think like a writer
create your sacred writing space
perform a powerful commitment ritual

Module 3 - Getting to Know Your Characters + Creating Their Path

In this module you will

define all the star characters who will make your story come to life
identify what drives their desires, motivations, and behaviors

Module 4 - Learning Scene + Starting to Write

In this module, you will

learn about the types of scenes + write the two most important ones to start your novel
conceive the first three chapters of your novel

By investing in this special-invitation version of Conjuring Clarity,
you agree to provide feedback on the content and how it helped you and/or can be improved
for the official launch of the course in January 2024
in exchange for the special half-off price of $94.

The modules will be released every Wednesday over a 4-week period,
beginning November 29, 2023.

Space is limited to TEN.

Yes! I would love to experience the magic of clarity so I can write my novel in 2024
by taking part in your special-invitation Conjuring Clarity Course.