Ceremony and Ritual

I’m a firm believer in the power of ritual to help us honor our human experiences and turning points — from the big, life-changing events like marriage, starting a family, and the passing of a loved one from the material realm to the ethereal one — to the day-to-day events, like buying a new home (and leaving an old one), starting a new job or business, and overcoming an obstacle.


Nothing is too big or small for us to celebrate and honor.


As a healer and shape shifter, I’m here to bring my gifts to help you mark important, transitional turning points — from the celebratory to the somber.

Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

As an ordained minister, I serve as officiant at secular weddings and commitment ceremonies. Prior to your ceremony, I will work with you to craft a script that reflects your beliefs, traditions, and intentions and create a lasting memory for you and your guests, family, and friends.

$500 + travel

Celebration of Life Ceremonies

The passing of a loved one is one of the most difficult passages we experience in life.

I am honored to help others memorialize and celebrate the life of their lost loved one. I will work with you to craft a ceremony that reflects the true essence of your beloved person or animal to see that they have the most heart-felt sendoff from the material world to the ethereal one.

$500 + travel

Welcoming New Family Member Ceremonies

Whether through birth or adoption, marking the addition of a new family member sets the stage for lasting bonds. 

Together, we’ll craft a ceremony to welcome your new family member that’s both fun and meaningful.

$500 + travel 

 New Home Cleansing Ritual


Every space we enter and inhabit holds the energy and vibrations of those who occupied it before us.

When we move into a new home — whether it was built for us or was owned and occupied by someone else — energies linger.

Remnants from the past can hang in the air around us like a fine invisible mist, influencing our experiences when we move into a new space, so it’s important to cleanse the space and envision the life we want in it.

When I do home cleanses, I ask that you be present, following behind me blessing each room with your own private, personal intentions and wishes.

$200 + travel