Bring Your Book to Life Workshop


Saturday, 12/15

10 am – 3 pm

Fiction | Memoir | Non-fiction

How would it feel to have a plan in place


so you could start the New Year ready to write your book?

Join Johnnie Mazzocco
– writer, writing coach, and speaker –
for a one-day online workshop so you can start the year with the step-by-step plan and strategy
for your best-selling book. 

All from the comfort of home.


 In this workshop, you will:

• learn the 3 must-haves for your genre to begin writing your book (like how to achieve deep character development and which scenes to start with for fiction/memoir, chapter content and development for non-fiction, and MORE)
• Determine the best structure, specific to your genre and your book, that will guide you from beginning to end
• Use my Bring Your Book to Life Planner to create a solid plan and support system to stay focused and believing in yourself so you can overcome any obstacle you might face
• Learn to banish writer’s block and achieve flow so you can experience the satisfaction of producing pages even when you don’t feel inspired or life gets in the way

You’ll get:
• A clear pathway to write your book
• Downloadable Bring Your Book to Life worksheets & guides 
• a BONUS Q&A call in January

$1,000 VALUE




Frequently asked questions and concerns


Will I be expected to share my story idea with the group?

There will be time to – briefly – share your story idea.
This may happen in an email or some other form of virtual communication with me before the workshop,
OR it may happen during the workshop, either on screen or in the chat box. 

I’ll need to know this to help you make important decisions.


Will my writing be critiqued during the workshop?

No. This is not that kind of workshop.
You will be working on exercises during the workshop
to lay a solid foundation to begin writing,
rather than doing any actual writing of your book.
I may ask for volunteers to share insights they’ve had
or a portion of their plan in the chat box, but
you’ll never be obligated to share anything if you don’t want to.


I’m worried someone will steal my idea.
How do I know this won’t happen?

This is a valid concern, for sure.
However, in my experience working with people,
I’ve found that each person is so committed to their own brilliant idea,
the thought of using someone else’s just doesn’t occur to them.

I treat my workshops the same way I’d treat a support group.
Any information we learn or hear about in the workshop stays with us.
And we make an agreement about that before we even begin. 

This includes workshop content and everyone’s stories and ideas.


What if I have to step away from my computer
and miss something important?

I’ll record the entire workshop and will send you a link
so you can rewatch as many times as you like.

If we’ve never met,
it is possible to talk to you before registering?

Absolutely! I’m happy to schedule a 15- to 30-minute call with you.
Email me:


I can’t WAIT to help you create your foolproof plan to Bring Your Book to Life in the New Year!






Half-refund until 12/8/18 – 11:59 pm
No refund after 12/8/18 – 11:59pm