Book Content Development

 Do you want to write a novel or a memoir that will touch readers’ hearts and leave an unforgettable impression?

Or a non-fiction, self-help/how-to book that will inspire and empower your Ideal Reader to realize her greatest desire? A book that will establish you as a thought leader in your area of expertise, and enhance your speaking career?


I’d love to help you determine your needs and create a plan so you can share your story, message, or expertise and make the difference you’re here to make.

It’s a leap of faith to discuss your ideas or turn your creation over to someone for critique. For this reason, it’s important that we develop trust based on mutual respect and a clear vision of your intentions before we decide to take the plunge and work together.

Book Content Development Services

Planning and Strategy Session

A Planning and Strategy Session is an in-depth, one-on-one virtual meeting between you and me wherein we clarify your book idea, shape it into manageable pieces, and create a concrete plan for you to move forward. 

During our 4 – 6 hours together, we’ll not only create a plan for the structure and organization of your book, but we’ll also arrive at a detailed plan for the creation and maintenance of a writing practice to help you meet your goals within your timeline.


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Don’t need the full-day strategy session?

I also offer private one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions for those initial or momentary questions and stuck points that arise at the beginning or during the process of writing a book.

In this session, we’ll discuss 1-2 particular aspects of your writing practice or book project that are holding you back or creating questions.

I’ll share with you tried and true tips I’ve gained from working with students and clients for two decades to help you rethink, resolve, and restart.

$200 / Hr

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First Draft Review


If you have a finished manuscript and need some feedback about how it holds together, where and what you might need to focus on and re-consider for revision, the First Draft Review is for you.

It’s a big-picture, broad-brushstroke approach to reviewing your manuscript, ideal for those who have solid writing skills and need a set of fresh eyes to give an objective read that results in a detailed 5- to 10-page review.




Developmental Edit

A Developmental Edit is much like a First Draft Review but more in-depth and collaborative.

Before beginning, we’ll have a conversation to discuss your intentions for your book so we can create a well-informed plan of action together. 

As I read your manuscript, I’ll consider how your book meets your intended audience’s needs, its tone consistency throughout, its overall organization and cohesion, and more.

For fiction, I’ll consider plot points, story arc, and character development. I’ll also give guidance and recommendations about writing craft.

$1800 – $2500
(Dependent on manuscript length and condition)