My story and credentials are one thing. But who am I...?

And are we right for each other?

I stand with Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ+ communities.

 I commit to naming and exposing racism and white supremacist patriarchy.  

I commit to honoring the presence, expertise, and voices

of these communities in spirit and in action.



I consider my writing practice my spiritual practice. I have developed a method called Writing Through the Body™ to help writers create deeply considered human-like characters based on the seven main chakras of the body.

I’m a solitary pagan practitioner, and part of my practice includes following the movement of the planets and doing private rituals for my own personal growth and perpetual evolution as a soul in the material world. I’m an ordained minister because I am filled up by helping people mark important life transitions through ceremony.

However… You won’t find me bowing at the waist, palms pressed together, speaking in hushed tones. And I’ll never call you “Dear One.”

I’m an intuitive and an empath with a hyper-sensitive system, ultra-thin skin (both figuratively and literally — aging is a bitch), and a tender heart that’s endured a lot. I’m also no-nonsense and to-the-point. My humor is sometimes juvenile and almost always acridly dry, bawdy, and crass.

You’ll hear me use the word “magic” often when I talk about writing and the creative process, but smoke and mirrors, manipulation, or gaslighting have no place in my world. I call things as I see them (with compassionate pragmatism, of course). It simply saves us all time.

It took me a long time to understand that not all people see and feel as much of life and the world as I do. It took me a long time to understand that many of my ideas are ahead of the collective consciousness. (As my equally sensitive and deep-seeing youngest offspring told me recently: “You were born in 2040, mom.”)

We all experience life at different frequencies, and I’m okay with some people not understanding that.






I comfortably hover on the line of my intuitive, imaginative self and my logical, critical thinker self. I’m a holder of light and dark.

This makes me a bit of a master at seeing the big picture – more like feeling the big picture – of any given situation or problem. While other people are busy talking, I’m witnessing and gathering info at warp speed.

My point of view is both aerial/comprehensive and close-up/detailed. I’m able to see the parts of systems and scenarios and how they work together, and I can distill them and translate them for others.

This is why I’m a good mentor, guide, and teacher.  


I’ve moved away from calling myself a “coach.” That title implies “duties” these days I’m not comfortable with, or willing or trained to take on.

Writing a book draws up our shit. No doubt about it. It finds all the cracks and crevasses that hide the secrets in our hearts, minds, psyches, and souls, and it brings our shadows front and center. It has to. Because that’s where the alchemy — the rough magic — resides… in our dark, creative unconscious.

I’m not a licensed psychologist or therapist, so it would be irresponsible for me to delve into the processing of my clients’ emotions. It would also be unreasonable to think that I’m responsible for their emotions. This doesn’t mean I don’t approach mentoring with love. I do. It also doesn’t mean I’m not compassionate and empathetic toward recovery. I am. 








I LOVE to work with STARs, people with healthy boundaries who are self-motivated, mature, and responsible. People who are on a path of growing self-awareness, willing and able to invest — in all ways — in the creation of their book with earnest intention. People who have strong support systems and know how to take care of themselves.

If this is you, I’d love to hear about your visions for your book project and see how I can help you make them a reality.



What's a STAR?













If you’re astrologically inclined, here are some highlights from my chart.

Cancer Sun

Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune

Libra Ascendant

Mars in Aries conjunct Lilith in my 7th House

Venus in Taurus in my 8th House

Mercury in Cancer in my Midheaven