Healing the world through stories.

The ones I write and tell and the ones I help others write and tell.

Especially the ones people don’t want to hear. 

Your story matters. 
How can I help you tell it?


Experience the Alchemy


Your impulse to write or have a book, to share your story, is your life force wanting to express itself. Withholding that impulse leads to a multitude of dis-eases – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Creating a book will challenge you.
It will humble you.


In the end, you’ll revel in newfound feelings of pride, competency, strength, and power. And you’ll feel lighter from unburdening yourself of a stifled life force.

 When we learn to trust the creative process of writing, we learn to trust the process of life.

Hi, I’m Johnnie Mazzocco.

I love words. I love writing. I love story.


Whether you’re a beginning writer with a story that must be told or a entrepreneur with a method, process, or program that must be shared and you don’t know where to begin…

Whether you have a first draft in hand and need a developmental edit…

Or whether you’re a seasoned writer looking for a fresh, new way to approach your writing practice…

I can help.  

I’m happy to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 30-MINUTE virtual Discovery Call to discuss your needs and show you how it’s all possible.

You can expect an honest critique, delivered with the compassion you and your project deserve. 


I understand the feelings that come with wanting to share your meaningful stories and your brilliant ideas and not knowing how to make it happen.

The task seems daunting.
The moving parts are many.

Whether you lack knowledge about where to begin, how to organize and structure, or how to find the time and stay disciplined…

Whether you grapple with doubts about having something worthy or new to share or the right to do something as daring as write a book…

Whether it’s you or I who write your book,
I can help you get your words on the page.

I embrace the profoundly transformative power writing can have on our lives because I’ve lived it.

As a writer

I understand the struggle of getting all those brilliant ideas on the page so they can make their way to the people who need them most.


As a teacher and guide

I understanding fearing the  consequences of sharing your  protected stories and ideas. They are precious and the world is not always kind.

As a speaker

I understand the power of being present in a room full of people to instruct, inspire, and provide solutions so they can take action and improve their lives.

“Johnnie Mazzocco is very skilled and highly intuitive teacher and guide. She is committed to creating a safe space in which the creative voice is valued and celebrated. She is a talented writer and teacher who understands that creative expression is a doorway to healing and wholeness. She has helped me define and make peace with my inner critic.”  

M.G. – Oklahoma City, OK

– – – – – –

“Johnnie takes a complex topic, writing, which can be a solitary experience wherein the writer can get too analytical, and she makes it more intuitive, creative, and dare I say, spiritual.”

Jessica C. – Eugene, OR

– – – – – – 

“As a professional editor, it is very difficult for me to set aside that hat when I’m writing; it’s also difficult to make the time for my own writing when the words of others are such a priority in my life. When Johnnie described writing as an act of self-love, however, my perspective began to change—the magic returned to my practice. And from there, she’s helped to provide the back-to-basics structure I need to get my head where it belongs: in the creative process, not the outcome. I can’t imagine going through this writing journey without her.”

Jen – Portland, OR