Ever wish you could magically make that brilliant book inside your beautiful brain materialize… right before your eyes? If only there were a potion I could offer you to – POOF! – make it all happen… believe me, I would. Not only would you have your finished book – the book the world needs to read because it will change people’s lives – I’d be a nasty rich woman.

The reality, though, is that writing a book is not a breezy I’ll-squeeze-it-in-when-I-can proposition. Writing a book takes planning, knowledge, self-love, and commitment. 

After working with novelists who with to spark readers’ imaginations with an unforgettable narrative, memoirists who wish to share their stranger-than-fiction life story, and entrepreneurs who wish to transfor their programs, processes, or methods into book form to elevate their visibility and credibility, I’ve learned that a certain kind of work needs to be done to create a solid foundation BEFORE the writing can ever happen.


A little practical magic, if you will…



 Conjuring Clarity is designed to help you create the environment you needboth inside yourself and outside yourself – to embrace the committment of writing a book. 


Conjuring Clarity will help you work the practical magic you need. It will walk you through the process of creating the foundation, which includes identifying obstacles (both inside yourself and outside yourself), developing a writer’s mindset (working writers think differently than other people), creating space (both physically and temporally), and making the committment (just like you would to a relationship that truly matters to you) so you can take on the project of sharing your meaningful stories and brilliant ideas with the world and actually make progress.

Conjuring Clarity is an eight-week course, brimming with content – including pre-recorded videos – so you can work at your own pace, whenever you like, any time of the day or night.

No virtual calls to schedule into your already-busy life. (Although you can count on two BONUS LIVE virtual calls with Johnnie… along with several other luscious and magical bonuses).

Conjuring Clarity is the elixir you need to get your head, heart, and life primed so you can make the leap to start your book and set yourself up for success. 



The Conjuring Clarity Course – Part 1 – launches 10/1
The Conjuring Clarity Course – Part 2 – launches 11/1

Presale registration open 9/1 – 9/14

Regular registration open 9/15 



The sooner you register, the more you’ll save, and the closer you’ll be to achieving your book writing dreams.

We can do it together, and it all starts here.




Week 1 – Planning
How to look ahead, anticipate blocks, and set up your life to accommodate writing a book

Week 2 – Scheduling
How to track your time and fit writing into your busy schedule and life

Week 3 – Mindset
How to THINK like a writer

Week 4 – Commitment
How to make the commitment so you can earnestly move forward with your book


Week 5 – Getting to know your people
Getting to know your people
Characters (fiction/memoir)
Ideal Reader (nonfiction)

Week 6 – Understanding your people’s stories
Exploring backstories
Understanding your people’s motivations, behaviors, and desires

Week 7 – Creating a path for your pepole
Opening scene/inciting incident (fiction/memoir)
Your Ideal Reader’s BIG question (why they want you/your book)

Week 8 – The beginnings of structure (and writing, at last)
First three chapters (fiction/memoir) 
Table of Contents + more (nonfiction)



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