Do you have a story the world needs to hear? A story you’ve carried inside you for too long that must be told?

I know it’s difficult to find the time or to know where to begin. And then there’s the writer’s block and all those writing “rules.” Sorting through it all can feel daunting.

What if I told you there’s a way for you to overcome these obstacles and get all those words and ideas bouncing around inside your beautiful mind onto the page and into the world?



Hi, I’m Johnnie Mazzocco. I love words. I love writing. And I love story.

And I’d love to know YOUR story. 

Whether you’re a business owner who needs copy for your site, a beginning writer with a story that must be told but you don’t now where to begin, or a seasoned writer who needs a developmental edit or a fresh, new way to approach your writing practice, I’m here to help.  

I’ll meet you for a 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and show you how it’s all possible.

Experience the benefits of getting your words on the page 

where they’ll speak to your quintessential customer, client, or reader.

You have a story to tell, and whether it’s through your website, a novel, or a memoir – or that ambiguous area in between, I can help you with the elusive process of writing.

Together, we’ll devise a plan to move you through the process of capturing the essence of you and your message (for your website) or your characters and their story (for your book), and I’ll carry the burden of helping you sort out the details while I guide you through the rough magic of writing… that alchemical process of transforming ideas into words that touch people and create connection and change.

You can trust me to treat your business or project with respect and integrityand I’ll help you find the right words to convey the vision you hold in your mind and heart.

You can expect an honest critique of your ideas and your work, 

delivered with the compassion you and your business or your project deserve.

As a copywriter, published fiction writer, award-winning screenwriter, and college writing professor, I know how daunting the task of writing is. I understand that taking your scintillating ideas and turning them into polished prose is not easy.

Whether I’m serving as a copywriter for your business page, a co-creative writer on your book project, or a coach to help you complete the book you want to write, you’ll receive not just impeccable service and attention to your vision and desires, you’ll also receive thoughtful feedback, delivered with my signature compassionate pragmatism.

I have perfected the practice of compassionate pragmatism

treating you and your ideas, thoughts, words, and stories with the utmost integrity and love while also sharing constructive feedback to help them be the best they can.

I will help you through the rough magic of writing…

that sometimes harrowing and confounding process of transforming thoughts and ideas into words that can persuade and move people emotionally to create connection and change in people’s lives.


Including yours.


It’s a process that shifts and changes, ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes.


When we learn to trust the creative process of writing, we learn to trust the process of life.

My desire is to help you realize yours.


What do you need?

I understand and embrace the profoundly transformative power


story can have on our lives because I’ve lived it.

          As a business owner


I understand the power of the perfectly chosen words to convey a story and a unique solution to our quintessential customers’ and clients’ problems. 

As a writer


I understand the struggle of taking all those brilliant ideas bouncing around in your beautiful mind and getting the words on a page so they can make their way to the people who need them most.

As a teacher and coach


I understanding fearing the  consequences of sharing your  protected stories and thoughts.  They are precious and the world is not always kind.

“Johnnie Mazzocco is very skilled and highly intuitive teacher and coach. She is committed to creating a safe space in which the creative voice is valued and celebrated. She is a talented writer and teacher who understands that creative expression is a doorway to healing and wholeness. She has helped me define and make peace with my inner critic.”  

M.G. – Oklahoma City, OK


“Johnnie takes a complex topic, writing, which can be a solitary experience wherein the writer can get too analytical, and she makes it more intuitive, creative, and dare I say, spiritual.”

Jessica C. – Eugene, OR


“As a professional editor, it is very difficult for me to set aside that hat when I’m writing; it’s also difficult to make the time for my own writing when the words of others are such a priority in my life. When Johnnie described writing as an act of self-love, however, my perspective began to change—the magic returned to my practice. And from there, she’s helped to provide the back-to-basics structure I need to get my head where it belongs: in the creative process, not the outcome. I can’t imagine going through this writing journey without her.”

Jen – Portland, OR